The Boda Report - Bodarapporten
The Boda cave and it´s surroundings
The 9663 BP Paleoseismic event


(1) the Boda Caves were formed by a very large earthquake in the varve year 9663 BP

(2) primary thrust-faulting, violent secondary bedrock fracturing, ground shaking
generating liquefaction, motions setting up a large tsunami and sea floor turbidites
moving 210 km along the ice margin are recorded
(3) a sequence of shocks and aftershocks is recorded by multiple cycles of liquefaction
(4) an area of, at least, 50x50 km was severely affected by this earthquake (the bedrock
as well as the sediments)
(5) the region was stuck by six additional earthquakes in the time range of 9800 to 3200
BP (the Storberget event being large, and the 6100 BP even being exceptionally
(6) in order to understand and record paleoseismic events, it is necessary to apply a
careful multidisciplinary research procedure
(7) our records seriously violate SKB’s “earthquake scenario” both with respect to long-term,
seismic hazard predictions and with respect to the area assumed to be affected
by future earthquakes of the same type as those recorded in the past