The P&G-unit has accepted a number of Ph.D.-projects through the years. Nine thesises have been examined via P&G, and some additional ones outside P&G.

(1) Kirittopoulos, P., 1984: Neogene lacustrine deposits in the inland basins of northern Greece: Stratigraphy, paleoenvironment, paleomagnetism and insdustrial usefulness.
Opponent: Prof. I. Hessland (Sweden)

(2) Sylwan, C., 1989: Paleomagnetism, paleoclimate and chronology of Late cenozoic deposits in southern Argentina.
Opponent: Prof. V. Bucha (Tjechoslovakia)

(3) Ruocco, M., 1990: Paleomagnetic analyses of continental deposits of the last 3 Ma from Argentina.
Opponent: Prof. C. Laj (France)

(4) Sjöberg, B., 1991: Magnetic properties of the Limhamn rocks. A paleomagnetic, rock magnetic and paleoenvironmental study of the Maastrichtian chalk and the Danian limestones in Limhamn, Scania, southern Sweden.
Opponent: Prof. D. Tarling (England)

(5) Bidegain, J.C., 1991: Sedimentary development, magnetostratigraphy and sequence of events of the Late Cenozoic in Entre Rios and surrounding areas in Argentina.
Opponent: Prof. C. Urien (Argentina)

(6) Somi, E., 1993: Paleoenvironmental changes in central and coastal Tanzania during the Upper Cenozoic. Magnetostratigraphy, sedimentary records and shorelevel changes.
Opponent: H. Faure (France)

(7) Sjöberg, R., 1994: Bedrock caves and fractured rick surfaces in Sweden. Occurrence and origin.
Opponent: Dr. D. Grant (Canada)

(8) Tröften, P.-E., 1997: Neotectonics and paleoseismicity in southern Sweden with emphasis on sedimentological criteria.
Opponent: Prof. C. Bartoloni (Italy)

(9) Jelbring, H., 1999: Wind controlled climate.
Opponent: G.R. Demarée (Belgium)

Some other thesises have been partially supervised at P&G but examined outside P&G.

Georgala, D., 1980: Paleoenvironmental studies of post-glacial black clays in northeastern Sweden.

Zheng, F., 1996: Tectonic development of the Bohus Granite (SW Sweden) and its adjoining areas.

Mpanda, S., 1997: Geological development of the East Africal coastal basin of Tanzania.

Meurman, R., 2000: Silverberg i Järnbararland.